Thursday, April 29, 2010

my b e t t e r half

dear future husband„ i’ve never been more happy in my life„the 5 years on and off were (and still is) well worth it„nothing in this world feels more special than to have you in my life„ life with you, the joy, the laughs, and the love is endless bliss„ i knew yu were the one the moment you said hello„you’ve showed me the true meaning of love„ i cant wait to see you every morning when i open my eyes„so this poem is for you:

“your heartbeat speaks i love you„your eyes smile at my soul„your kisses wont let me leave you„your arms they feel like home„ i carry you in my spirit„ sweet memories to hold„ reminiscient of all you do„ whenever im alone„ you simply give me all off you„ a gift i’ve never known„ a love i’ve never had„ true love you’ve grown to show„ right now i think we’re ready„to be husband and wife„happy to wake up beside of you„ for the rest of my life„ i’ll never let another have me„ my heart belongs to you„ your presence my addiction„ your love so pure and true„ you say your love’s the same„ say you love me more than me„ i hope you know just how much„ simply your heart makes me happy„ anxious for that day„ you give me your last name„ i’ll love you forever„ cuz my heart is here to stay„ your the ying to my yang„ we’re the perfect match„ i was so lost without you„ I thank God he gave you back„with you im whole again„ you and God is all i need„ you’re my better half„ and i’ll love you endlessly”


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