Thursday, July 9, 2009

went to court today

"Life moves on, and so will I."

so i already knew basically what would happen.
I had the [un]honorable Judge Gentry so it went a little worst.
he has a thing against me because i look just like my 2 sisters that previously cussed his racist ass out.
=/ lmao.
but it is what it is.
im content.
it's God's call in the end.
what's done is done.
that's the purpose of having a job.
spending money
(damn, short of a thou.)
i love life.
i am who i am -still and always.
my point was made loud and clear.
no regrets.
lessons learned.
carefree. smiling. laughing. loving.
every action has it's consequence. duh.
meeting my probation officer soon.
yay. another great child of God i'll get to meet and know quite well.
i love this world.
Just another day of God's grace, new experiences and lessons of life.

mwuah world.

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