Thursday, July 9, 2009

the s e x talk.

my mommy. yes i still call her mommy.
had asked me if i had sex before. but that was pretty much it. i told her yes. she asked how many? i told her one.

moving on

a little while later. she askes me again. britney. have you had sex? yes mommy i have. but then the awkardness came.

...with how many?
...two (shy a few more)
...what did you do it with?
...umh a condom?
...i mean WHAT did you do it with?
...a boy...or...a girrrr-????
yes mommy a boy.
what did you think i was having sex with girls?

end of conversation.

now i was expecting a "your 17 and boys are gonna wanna have sex but make sure you use protection everytime" kind of speech.

but my mom questioning my sexuality makes me wonder a little?

im a very affectionate. and very sexual person. i love my sexuality. i love my feminity. i love men. i have no question about that. but of all the questions for my mom to ask me.

...and that was it

i guess mommy just wanted to know.

im curious if you guys had tough sex talks with your parents when you were younger. or was it quote on quote as easy as mine. or if it even ever happened.

let me know!

&&love briit
im glad she's there to talk to. but i think she needs a little more skill on the Q&A's of the"SEX" talk i dont think mommy knows how to do it quite right lol....p.s. she had four girls (im the fourth). yikes.

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