Sunday, July 12, 2009

Don't you H A T E it when

I've been really really easily irrated with things lately.

me and my sis ran across this vid of... "don't you hate it when's..."

inspired me to do my own lil list.

briitlaverne h a t es it when...

1) my mom sings
2) someone says they'll call you back....and don't
3) for me- when i call my sisters and half of the conversation is her yelling at the kids
4) i have a song on my mind and CANT remember any of the words
5) a guy that you clearly are not into...stay stuck on your ass
6) someone is [rudely] loud for abosolutely NO damn reason
7) my question is ignored
8) being called "african-american" black
9) anyone calls my phone amillion times and don't leave a message!
10) my sister teases me and plays the "Thriller" video (aka the only thing from my childhood that i never stop being afraid of)

Care to share your list????
anyone reading this cordially tagged...
leave a comment!

here's the video

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