Monday, July 13, 2009

debatable q u e s t i o n

why do females
around my age (17...or under 18)
still in school
with no good niggas
think it's cute to be poppin out babies.

hate me or disagree. this is a trend that is really starting to get on my nerves. and is killing society and the minds of young american.
you hardly comb your hair everyday. asking your parents for money to buy some cute shoes.
and instead of worry about graduating or keeping an education
all that's on your mind is sex. and keeping your nigga around.
then suddenely
out comes out your mouth "i wanna have a baby" or "im pregnant" HOW DARE you bring another innocent child in the world that you are not prepared for just to be "having a baby"

honey this is NOT cute
and this will NOT keep your man around

so my very debatable question is this.

the way society is drastatically changing for the worst.
should we Americans support our very young women becoming mothers
or fight the epidemic? Do we say it's ok? Do we encourage it? Do we look down upon it?

im not trashing young mothers.
my mom had her first child at 17
so did my sister
and my grandmother
my great grandmother had hers at 12

so i understand that things happen. and at the end what is meant to be will be. and a child is a miracle to God's world...

i just dont like it when girls are trying
or just wants to have one just for the sake of name.

these are new lifes that are at risk and are being played with.

so with whom do you side?
would love to hear any comments. good or bad.



  1. i agree with you completely. so many girls are having babies & they barely take care of themselves, they dont have jobs, & the guy never stays around. i do know some young moms that are holding down but some of them are just ridiculous.

  2. i agree also. i can completely understand that things can happen + a new life can be brought into this world without any notice. but to just carelessly go around having sex just to carry a child on ya arm like its some gucci purse... i hope that no one thinks that a child is some cute accessory...

    we literally had the future in our hands + if we are not ready or able to give a child the love + support it not only needs, but deserves... my God, what good would we be to that child?

    oh + thanks for stopping by! i gotta come back here + visit more. peace+luv 4eva

  3. Finally someone my age who agrees with me. I wish they would realize they are more important things than boys and sex, and that most of the boys they fight over don't want them anyway. So they just end up looking stupid and desperate.