Friday, June 26, 2009

learn your place l a d i e s.

stop asking questions and be smart about your ish.
stop playing yourself and play the game [[[harder]]]
random but i mean i see it ALL the time!!!

a short tip for you lost ones.

truely take a look at whts going on.
stop letting men fool you ladies.
so much more i can say but shit that's a whole nother blog.
maybe later.

im out

&&love briit

June 25, 2009

every one's doing their lil blog tribute.

but ima keep it quite simple

i will always remember the times.

there will never be another.

sad you left so soon. was looking forward to the tour. but you left such a great impression on this world. and an even bigger legacy.

one your your billions of fans. much love.

-never will you be forgotten

----my childhood love. rest in p e a c e.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


my old youtube obsession PriscillaRenea is finally signed and coming out with her own video, album and all! support her yall. This chick is dope.


::wisdom of the day::

He who knows not and knows not that he knows not is a fool; avoid him.

He who knows not and knows that he knows not is a student; teach him.

He who knows and knows not that he knows is asleep; wake him.

He who knows and knows that he knows is a wise man; follow him.

-Proverbs, Persian

==::briitlaverne's idols::==

---not to be placed in an particular order.....----

Josephine Baker #6

Billie Holliday #5

Diana Ross #4 Solange #3

Dorothy Dandridge #2

Marilyn Monroe #1

my [[fashion]] all time {{favorite}} idols

i look up to these women. their individuality. their courage. their confidence. their beauty. their boldness. their achievements. and intelligence.
my admiration.
[[i like to think a little of them all made a lota me.]] lol

"never following the crowd. but always being stared by them."

"I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes. I'm out of control and at times hard to handle, but if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best." — Marilyn Monroe

Review: Imagine That

so i watched this movie last night;;bootleg

but it was actually really cute and a really good movie.

i mean its purdy predictable;; but you can appreciate it ==being a child movie and all.

definitely might take my niece and nephews to go see it

it was reallyfunny and the little girl in it is oh too adorable

worth spending a lil money on.

here's a lil snipped if you haven't alredy seen it

and here's where i watchd it=====>

Friday, June 19, 2009


Mii nephew Preston
too damn cute
2 years old going on 24.

definitely worth watching

so umma little hooked on Tyler Perry
can't wait till these come out.

"I Can Do Bad all By Myself"

Dear Industry,

can we be a little more original?
and stop biting off each other's lame ass trends?

&&love, briit

caught up

so im not going to superjam

but im anxious to see the outcome

"why the fuck u aint calld me yet"

let's see shall we?

--i need a faithful companion


i dont mean to complain

but why can't i have a mother and father that simply loves me unconditonally.
despite it all?
[[feeling unappreciated and unparented]]

i need some guidance
i need some encourgment

keep me in your prayers.

um ok?

so since when is it ok for boys to dance a lil better than us?

not ok.


much better bey.

i can actually say im happy with ths vid


Lately i been really happy despite the bull ish goin on around me.
my mama gave me 30 days to find a new place to live
im 17 with no license, no car [[thank god i got a job]]
and have a court date in less than 4 days in which i have no idea what the outcome will be.

but im keeping a smile on this beautiful face of mine!
yaay me

im trying to stay postive and let the good out weigh the bad

despite the slacking on my blogging. i got alot of new topics to discussion and stirring up some video blogs and display my singing and songwriting ish on youtube....coming soon

but in other news

my sis is out and bak on her grind!
big sis nichole is doing excellent and matter of fact is going to audition for the new shawty lo and trey songz video "supplier" GOOD LUCK BABBBY((wooop wopp north carolina))

love, peace, and rainbows [[briit]]

Friday, June 5, 2009


why is it that the people you love the most and care so much about treat you like shit
and dont love you as much



never heard of this guy before
this video made me fall in love with his ish...
damn near made me shed a tear.
this ish is heart-felt

Family Affair

two thumbs up wale.[][][]

Thursday, June 4, 2009


im diggin it hard.

20 top randoms i love [[the kid in me edition]]

1) confetti cupckes

2) fruity peebles

3) Rocket Power

4) Hey Arnold

5) Need for Speed

6) Sonic the Hedgehog

7) YouTube

8) Eyeshadow

9) my hips

10) watermelons

11) Honeycombs

12) Chowder

13) Crashbox

14) i still like to color

15) playing dress up in other people's clothes

16) Wayne Head

17) Family Guy

18) Those Jackson 5 cartoons

19) Family Matters

20) Thumbella and Rugrats and TINKERBELL

idk y i did this...bored
and still not over the bday thing..

outie. briit

you suck

okay so you know how on those tv shows.
it'll be
somebody's birthday
and all the family and friends pretend to forget
but then throws a big party!!

yesterday wad sorta like that
...except everbody really did forget
and there was NO party. NO nothing.


so how do you react
wen ppl really do forget
and only a select few only did remember your damn birthday?

and now here it is a whole damn day after and ppl "oh its your birthday?? that's right!!" or "stop playing i thought it ws the 4th!"


no its june 3rd

and you forgot
you damn assholes.
you suck.

and to the few that did remember thanks.




Tuesday, June 2, 2009

somethings been on my mind

is it hoe like to be "friends with a lot of different guys"
in my eyes they are strictly platonic friendships
[[no more sex for me unless its with the hubbie]]
but in the real world am i looking like a hoe?
i know some of them wana get with me
but i let them know from jump its just a friendship
they pursue it
they start to "say" and "think" we're talking.
this friend tells one friend that tells another friend
and here goes britney
talking to yet another nigga.

am i in the wrong for having more male friends than girl ones???
am i leading these guys on???
is this hoe like behavior????



another one??? why hunnie. why?