Wednesday, May 20, 2009

cheating...the new trend?

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so a lot of questions have been in my mind lately.
what ever happend to:

i have been victim to and have done a few cheating in the past. but lately it's becoming evident to me that more of us are starting to except the whole cheating phenomon.

and why are we beautiful women starting to be okay with and accepting being the OTHER woman???

what are these men telling us to make us think it's ok that he has a main chick and im just his pussy on the side. or i know he loves me he just fukkin her. like- and the thing i hate- a bitch breaking up a married home. like wtf?

i never fuggn got the whole swigger thing.
and i see that more WOMEN and MEN are finding it hard to stay true to ONE person.
which eventually results to a cheating/unfaithful partner.
why is it so hard to move on and to just be honest and tell that person that your no longer interested or just leave instead of leading them on...staying and breaking their hearts.

And Tooo....i think a lot of tendencies that cheaters have are so obvious, so clique, and so blantantly disrespectful. but for some reason we play games with each other like it's a damn game. ugh. i hate it jokes about cheating: "it's not cheating if you dont get caught". what????

Like is it normal to take back a person 3 or 4 times (for cheating) before you find out they're no good???
idk man it's a lot on my mind about this situation. i'll have to do more investigation and research and come back with a follow up post about this ish. ima do a post of why people cheat, what exactly are the signs, and why people stay in the relationship......too curious

it's ridiculous!



  1. I can't wait to read your upcomming post. A friend called me some nights ago crying because her boyfriend actually told her that she's just "pussy on the side". His exact words and it's ironic that you mention that phrase in your post. Cheating, unacceptable in my book, as it should be in anyone else's.

  2. I think people are so scared of getting hurt they want to be the one to hurt the other person first or if the person they are with doesn't work out they have another person...or they are just greedy idk lol

  3. I'm guilty of cheating and I hate to say it but cheating will never decease dudes want to be with a girl and still have their fun. I stopped because if she cheated on me I wouldnt know how to take it.