Sunday, May 17, 2009


okay so thursday i kinder got sick of these few girls dat do nothing but talk shit about ppl all day.
they don't like me
i dont like them.
it's just a group of loud mouths and followers.
so my name came out one of their mouths
me being the meek perrson [punk] that i am.
let it go. (like it wasn't the first time they said sumem bout me)

but i do have a problem keeping things bottled in. until they finnaly explode.
i dont fukk with anyone. y wud anyone want to fukk with me???

but then an arguement subsided and ooopsss.....she calls me a stupid bitch.
not a great idea honey.
true enough she walked away
but how you gun walk away while still talking shit at the top of your lungs.
and no. unlike she and her friends are telling everybody. i didn't run up behind her and attack her.
i walked in front of her
we were face to face
and i clocked a bitch in the face.
and honey i just saw red from there.
my first fight with a girl.
long story short........
i broke her nose
and busted her left eye vessel.
and i now have a court date on june 23
charge: assault

facts vs. fiction

-this female is older and quite taller than me.
-I hit her first
-She did hit me back
-her eye was close shut
-blood on my hand
-blood on my ear (earring ripped out)
-i had a whep and scratch on my face and wheps on my arms
-"actions speak louder than words"
-i have a problem controlling my anger.
-i wish i caught it on camera (friends lie for friends)
-no one saw how it actually started
-my first swing fractured her nose
-i regret it (that it happend on campus)
-no one deserves what i did to her face. [[sorry sarcasm intended]]

-i came behind her and stole her
-she didn't get a lick in
-i overreacted
-i attacked her

so thats just my lil stress reliever of the whole situation. i wish ppl will just grown up and move on. she ran her mouth. got into a fight and lost. acutallyy if her "best friend" hadn't broke it up after 3 hits she might not have lost. so fucked up on her part. damn. say what you will. or what you may. you dont know me. so dont talk about me. and definitley don't fukk with me. I have no anger or animosity to either member of this little possey. just keep my name out yo mouth unless it is postive or kind. i admit it was TACTLESS and i wish i had acted differently. but you can't turn back the hands of time. so Sorry to the hunnie. i dont regret hitting her but i I do apoligize for [[regret]] the broken nose and shut black eye. truthfully. you're in my prayers.
no time or patience for anymore drama
its unnecessary,
just tell the truth in court,
be the adult you claim to be.

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