Thursday, April 16, 2009

poem to [my baby?] CLB


so many emotions flowing down the feel of this one touch
so many words i wana say
too many fears its never enough
not enough vibrations my voice can make
to even say how much i love you
not enough that i can do to show im really here for you
not even enough situations to prove im here through thick and thin
not even if you broke my heart- and i mended it bak for you to break all over again

this friendship is enough to fill to that void in my heart
when my world is upside down i find you there pushing it upright
even when my heart tells me to hate you and to let you go
this one touch
gave me all the reassurance that i will ever have to know

no- this one moment
the moment it happend
changed me
i was depressed down and out
now my days are rewrote and happy

a life long friend
whether or not he knows it
since day one he named me baby girl
and i'll never let go of it
i'd tattoo it next to my heart if it wasn't so clique
oh well i use to be baby girl
now i've upgrade to BAE

not a couple but stable enough to say i love you
really meaning it from within
on a different level from what two OTHER people may do
the next chick may say those same three words and leave you
but when i say it i mean it you're a part of my life now
i can look to you like a big brother or my hubby 5 years frm now
WOW i bet you dont even know how much you really mean to me
wont say that im sprung
but you bring out the best of me

you dont even have to kiss me
just hold me tight
just look at me and smile
i know i'll be alright
just smile at me again,
hold on, just one more time
just laughing at the fact that you actually did that shit one more time
you'd do anything to make me happy
damn man you make me happy

i never ever cried over how a man made me feel and i wasn't even sad
damn im crying cuz i've never loved someone this bad
and your not even mine
ok so i can accept that
but fact
i'll never let you
fuck those other niggas that i lusted for
boy im in love

but i appreciate you being a friend
that definetly lets me know
that's where true love starts
and im glad we can take it slow
bcuz rushing things will only ruining things
nd this shit is here to stay
so whether im yah bestie or sexfeen
ima be here through everything

yeh im cool like that
baby you know i got you
every since that one touch
i found a lifelong friend about it
im comfortable with my title
you got the greenlight so when your ready
im right here beside you
feeling you, touching you, being right there for you
time can only tell even though the world never gives enough
i accept this moment in it's entirety,
a friendship i love very much
so many emotions flowing down the feel of this one touch


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