Friday, April 17, 2009


okay so i heard Cocktail was totally gun win dat Ray J show!!!
(disappointment that he aint pick danger-though neither of them should win)

and new news Fantasia Barrino is getting a VH1 show!!!!
why father? whh hhyyy.

and diddy dumb dun kicked aundrey (cute lil white girl) off his label.....

anywho00. i am so single.

i am still in love. but totally single.

i found a bestfriend in him though....couldn't ask for more!!! ily CLB

uhm. spring break was bullish. nothin was too exciting for me.....



  1. Fantasia getting show?...I would watch it lol

  2. omg if i was him i wouda "Chanced" it and not piccd any of them lol
    cocktail didnt even likke his ass any girl can tell
    danger is a whore i used 2 like her b4 i found that out
    && the other girl is a snake
    bad season =/