Monday, March 2, 2009


So it snowed like shiit last night && today down in NC!

No school for me!

didn't feel like doiing mii speech anyway so yyyayy.

All this weird ass weather must have me spazzin....i hadn't blogged in about 3, 4 damn days!


in personal news. i still love kellen. even tho word has come bak to me that he dun been on some grimmie shiit lately. but idk. i havent brought it up (source made me promise not to)
idk whether to let it go and move on or to ask and risk looking dumb.
(ps i don't talk alot about kellen we been together sing Feb. 10 and were together about two years ago for like 4 months.)

but now. im feeling in love with my ex. he's filling my head with whatnots that im starting to believe.

ugh i stay in love.


hope it keeps snowing!!!!!
oh is it just me of is it super weird that it snowed more in March than December?

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