Saturday, March 7, 2009


My boyfriend has another girl pregnant.
Am i suppose to be like "fuck this nigga"?
Or am i suppose to stick by his side?

The bullshit has me hurting so bad inside.


  1. really listen to gut instinct. If it's telling you nah, its not a good idea. Follow it.

    Upheavals are never easy, I wish you all the best.

  2. that is so messed up, i think you should forget bout him

  3. Wow. Well I would leave. It depends though, did he get her pregnant while ya'll was together?

  4. life is too short to deal with BS....and the stress will eventually eat you alive.

  5. Let him go your too young for this drama!!!

  6. well did he get her pregnant before you guys got together or after? if he messed wit her when you guys were together then forget him, if he didn't then stick by is side. in the end you would have to make this choice no matter what advice you get because you know him the best, and people do make mistakes. I hope I helped. =D

  7. he got her pregnant while u 2 were together??
    if he did.. his ass needs to go.. sorry =[
    but u deserve alot better

  8. I would definitely be like "fuck this nigga"
    1. he cheated
    2. its really complicated and unfortunate to have to deal with a 'broken family' situation...It bad when it gets thrust upon you through a divorce, etc...but its even worse when you step into it willingly, especially at such a young age...if things get serious with him, not only will this other women be a part of your lives forever, but any children that you have in the future will have to share their daddy with another family...are you willing to accept that?

    I obviously don't know him, but based on those facts, if I where you, I would not stick by his side

  9. thx u guys. it all helped. it was between us breaking up and making up....supposedly. not while we were actually together. but it's def a decision im guna have to dwell on. i love him. we been through a lot. im the ride or die type.

    and p.s. now the story is that they are not going to be keeping it (which he'd pay half for). which makes me question the truth of the whole story (or whether is a money scheme)

  10. Despite all the things that are say you love him but you must question whether or not he feels the same. People that love one another go through things and break up..but you love him and you didn't cheat? Consider how fragile your relationship might really be if you break up and he runs out and has sex with another female.

    If you do decided to stay, and he does indeed keep that baby. Make sure he does right by that baby. Don't sit round and let that boy be a bad father because if he can do it to his own child and the mother of his child, he could do it to you as well.

  11. This is a very sad story i would like to wish you all the best, i don't know your particular circumstances. but from what you said he may cheat that don't mean he don't love and want to be with you.