Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wonda Why They Call You Bitch?

"keep yah head up
legs closed
eyes open
either a nigga wear a rubber
or we die smoking
i'm hearing rumors
so you need to switch
&& niggas wouldn't call you bitch...i bet yah"

tupac - wonder why they called you bitch - Tupac

why does some females give the ussy up to any and everybody...but get so offended when a nigga calls her a bitch?

i see a lot of females in my school these days that really need to open their eyes.
This song got to me whenever i listened to it.
My older (boy) cousins use to give me advice && tell me something similar to this song && how to avoid being looked at like "the bitch type".
You really gotta look out for yaself && ya body instead of tryna be loved/sexed/liked by a boy.
You might be thinking you doing one thing.
But behind yah back niggas calling you out yah name because you done let him && his homies hit.
I truely miss Tupac and his messages.
Somebody needs to let these young people know.........

just my thought of the day
&& love briit.


  1. I'm with ya! Like when some females be called a slut by some boys or girls and they get mad. I be like duhh! You only get called a slut cuz you act like one. I swear my age group doesn't seem to get it. They so worried about fitting in.

  2. Yep you young folks got stuff these days you can catch without even touching.... That's crazy... Stay focused. you seem to have a good head on your shoulders.

  3. @journee' that you aint gotta touch? LMAO lets hope not.

    Anywhoo Yeah I love when pac speaks on women (sometimes)

    However this song reminds me of a betty wright song when she says

    "Your a hoe and you dont even know"

    Its crazy how everyone else knows when someone is a hoe and that person doesnt even know what they are doing is wrong...

  4. totally agree wit u all! lol at Empress Journee' comment too. =]

  5. girl I like how you said USI.. lol that's my word for my shit . lol
    but it's different for everyone. A bitch is not a whore or a tramp, but I guess everything co relates in some way. It's sad though. OPEN YOUR EYES ladies!