Saturday, February 21, 2009


Your words "i love you" mean nothing to me
Your lies are void in my eyes, see-
Through my eyes i now see,
Someone i gave my heart to endlessly
but not even a phone call after unto you i gave my ever essence body
or in your eyes
"i gave up the booty"

hah- but you love me?

I bet you say that to every girl underneath you
thinking it'll satisfy my heart- but i see right through you
Feelings so far from the truth
I don't know whether to believe in being piece of your pussy
or being in love with you

Can't cry because i knew the type of guy you were when i met you
Fam told me you were no good but fuck it- i wanted you
Damn i should've listened
Now im sitting here looking dumb
Believing in fairly tales
thinking you could've been the one
But now i stuck with this emptiness
but i wont be your fool no more.

Love eradicated + your tired ass lies = Heartless && now im done

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