Wednesday, February 4, 2009

untitled: but kinder'd feel it... 2/4/09

It seems like the same ole story. but it's not. i just realize it wasn't love.....that i just loved the memories and the fun times he gave me. maybe that's why my poems are based on him instead of reality.

I happen to love you

As the days grow.
I move slow.
So slowly away from the glistening memories that are just dying to come back to the part of my brain that use to have your pictures all around it.
No, I can't go back.
I'd be a fool.
I was obviously someone you didn't want.
You had your chance.
It didn't work out...i mean your an ex for a reason. right?
Why can't i go a day without thinking what if?
Why do i keep writing poems about how half-way over you i am.
I mean how completely over you i am.
Still in love with you---nah stratch that in love with the memories we made?
Damn, am i a fool?

.............That just happens to love you

so yeah i completely know it doesn't rhyme...but sometimes you just gotta post stuff before you forget the objective and lose the moment. OH WELL...maybe i'll update it later.



  1. That's a nice poem reguardless if it rhymed or not. I feel what u sayin

  2. i enjoyed the writing.
    i focused on it being a rather nice read than it rhyming or not.. i feel wat yur going through

  3. love the poem .. I can definitely relate.

  4. i think this poeam was perfect and i can relate.. ive felt that once in my whole life and it was the worse experience far.. i know you can completely move on =] no worries didette