Sunday, February 15, 2009

=, / *tears

I just finished watching SEVEN POUNDS for the first time
&& my eyes soo are soaking wet and puffy!

If u havent seen this yet.
Definitely a tear jerker
GREAT MOVIE to watch

(excuse me while i reach for tissue)



  1. now i want to see this movie even more lol

  2. Wow it was that good. I still haven't got the chance to see it.

  3. aw damnit!
    I saw the movie but i never got to see the ending
    some shit went down at the theater and me and mi madre had to leave.

  4. 0H SHITT ... me and my brothers watched this last night .. how ironic .. i like how at the end emily and ezra meet up .. The movie is really really nice .. i had to run it back to really understand it but none the less it is really nice ...

  5. im still scared to see this movie lollll i hate crying with movies!

  6. haahah i tried to tell the world!! its so good!! i watched it twice :D