Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Hottness

HELLO HOLLYWOOD - Brittany Street

SO i was on a bloggers page

&& i glanced on a link that said Brittany Street

I had a best friend in elementary school named brittany street
so i had to click on it.

turns out its this great new artist
She's dope

& the resemblances to my old friend is crazy weird yo!!

they look like damn twins...&& britt street (my old friend) could sing too???
separated at birth?

<---brittany from elementary <----brittany the artist

Friggn weird shit huh?

Long story offically of a fan!

She's the new hottness. Bumping that shiit on my playlist as of now.

check this chick out.


  1. wow that is weird about the new singing star and then your friend.. pretty cool though lol

  2. that is jii
    ill check er outt