Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My only weakness is YOU (and he and him)

i HAVE mixed feelings about a few guys in my life right now.

Ironically enough i've been with all three guys previously && neither ended well at all.

Is it worth a second try for either of them?

guy 1... =] i use to go with about a year ago. i'm on the verge of saying yes (to a relationship) and following that road again. it's worth a shot i guess && i still love him a lot. He makes me smile. && im totally comfortable with who i am around him. (&& i enjoyed the little time we spent tagether over the weekend)

guy 2... =/ and my best friend are really close. i still love him too. but he simply talks to too many chicks for me. i mean he "claims" to put me in another "category" but who's to say that's true? I know he's sincere about loving me too, but i don't wanna be lost like i was the first time we were together. But i love the way he makes me feel.

guy 3... =[ i can't seem to believe anything that comes out his mouth. firstly he second hands messages to me but wen people relay the messages it's like "aawwwhh- bullshit". He may have love for me, but it's no doubt about it that he's gonna keep fucking the girl he cheated on my with/still fucks/gonna keep fucking....it's truely a waste of energy. He can sweet talk me. && that's my big problem. i'm in love with our memories && feelings.

im not interested in any new guys.
Simply because im still stuck on these 3 :[
sooooo. =]............=/..............or......=[
idk honestly.
p.s. i believe me && guy 1 are suppose to be a lot more serious than any of them ((that's why he's number one)) little advice "?por favor?"
kinda stuck here...
it's so hard for me to pick and choose without thinking whether or not i made the right decision...

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  1. Well their exes for a reason. But, it sounds like you and guy #1 are really close and feelin each other, so maybe you should go out with him again and see if the sparks are still there.