Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Milk Makes You Thick?

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i'm sure we've all heard of the saying

"milk does the body good"
To be blunt about the situation, i disagree.
I have a small bust.
Friends && some fam told me to try drinking milk.
Said that it & arm exercise would help promote growth.

Now im not saying i was expecting to just miraculously jump sizes or nothing like that.
But uuuugggggggggggggggggghhhhhh.

the opposite of what i wanted happend........

it seems i'm getting thicker.
My waist,
my tummy,
my hips,
everything besides my breasts are growing.

Now it is absoultely nothing wrong about being thick
But im only 5'1 and me gaining weight is easily noticed.

I'm still a proud member of the ittybittytittycommittee.
&& guess it's back to juice && soda fah lil ole me.



  1. i would be beyond thrilled to have a small bust, having a big one creates a lot of problems, believe me!

  2. hhahaaha. milk doesnt make u thick. trust me i drink milk like most ppl drink soda and juice.

  3. hah I'm so with you on this! I have barely anything! Shoot I should sue the milk people...lmao

  4. if i could drink milk to get a liddle thicker omg i would but milk is soooo nasty and it makes me want to throw up as soon as it touches my skin.. =/ uhhgh (sigh)

  5. LOL. in actuality, white potatoes make u thick in the backside

  6. well damn,where's my ass then? lol

  7. haha :P i didnt know milk makes you fat!