Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Long Distance???

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Me && my boyfriend are going ROUND 2 in this relationship thing.
Round 1 didn't work out (apparently) because we weren't seeing each other that much
&& bcuz of sum other bullshiit.

But for sum odd reason i believe we may last longer this time
(longer than the previous 5 mths)

&& because im in school
I don't get to see him other than the weekends
...and that's if my transportation right.

&& it's kinda bothering me...

is this a dumb reason to doubt the realtionship?
&& what cud i do to help us through the 5 weekdays we're not together....
i love my baby and i don't want things to end like they did last time.
He tells me that it won't
But im still the introvert that wants to know what can i do to make ten times better....
i stay in my head with what if's.
im not worried or insecure about us.
i just dont' want it to get dull.

A lil' advice...por favor?????

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  1. i mean every weekend isnt so bad. thts pretty often for wat u call "long distance" but the only thing im afraid of is wen u have scheduled times to see other it eventually end up being a chore. like u can no longer plan things on the weekends b.cuz tht is his time.

    and wut about the random times during the week were u wanna see eachother but u cant. the spontanious surprises for "wut u doin...nothin...come ovr" moments dont exist.

    but its your relationship only u kno the pros and cons.

  2. just be optimistic i mean you could minimize the arguments maybe and try to keep the connection between you guys =) but if its a trust thing i dont know how to heal that i mean once you loose trust i dont believe you can get it back

    but good luck doll =)

  3. yea totally agree. i wuna be able to have those spontaneous calls & random "come get it" moments..thats a concern. i guess i can be happy fah the weekends tho. we'll see.
    =] thnks ya'll

  4. every weekend isn't that bad.
    i live about 20 mins by car from my bf but me not having a car at the moment makes it hard.
    i only get to see him about 2 or 3 times at the most myself.
    it makes a strain on the relationship but if u stay strong it will work out

  5. idk man im in the same boat as u right about now. my hubby is overseas playing basketball 4 a month and a half. prior to that he lived about 45 mins away but hed always come 2 my games && visit but now its like we're crumbling.idk if were gonna last. but i think that 5 days is not that bad if yall have trust && a lil patience. u learned and grown frm the 1st time around, and if yall have matured a little im sure youll pull thru it =]