Wednesday, February 11, 2009

i miss this chick

"What defines a friend, the meaning. Where does it lye In the mind, in the money, in the face, in the eyes. In the days, in the nights, well what is a friend. Do you love it and leave it again and again. So now our story begins of two little friendsYou would have thought they were twins. Would have thought they were kiddin. Wouldnt think they can bend. Because all the time they would spend. For each other they would fend. For they friends to the end. Their mothers know mothers. Sisters know brothers. Mothers know fathers. Sons know they daughters. They blood thicka then water. If one had fifty cents theyd both have a quarter. That only makes sense, adjusting levels and all. They grew up together from pre-k to high school. Winters in the snow, summers in the pool. Hes and athlete, shes an actress. But hormones would lead them."

Forever - Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes

she spoke truth and inspiration instead of money, niggas, sex, and how bad of a bitch she was. We need more female rappers like her. Not tryna knock the fem rappers out now. But it would be nice to hear this kind of stuff again.

YOU are TRUELY missed Lisa "left eye" Lopez

i dont know if it is because her and my sister look so much alike...but i happen to love this chick RIP lisa


  1. That is true, she was one of the few positive female rappers.

  2. Did anyone else see the documentary?
    That shit was deep
    Its like wow

  3. i saw the documentry! i made me think mad hard.....[[i agree]] wow