Sunday, February 15, 2009


Dang, can't the PPL in the issue SPEAK!
no one wants to wait for the trial or for actual statements to come out
everone wants to assume they know what happend!

PLEASE NOTE: the frustration in this post is forwarded to the ignorant, insensitive MEDIA....NOT MY FELLOW BLOGGERS!!! official details and statements about what actually happend to CHRIS && RIHANNA are avalible and to be honest i am sick of ppl saying they know what happened.
When in reality we dont!

blame chris
Claim RihRih gave him Herpes
Claim rihanna started it
Claim it was over a text
Cheated on each other
Chris supposedly wanted to kill her


The only thing we actually know are the sympathy and agony going on between the families.
And the statement chris just came out with.
Truth hasn't came out yet.
Im sick of the media updating their post about it everyday like they were there.
when in all actuality until the fact come out no one will be exact && the updates just gun' keep cumin.

Why criticize and focus on who's saying what.
Instead of praying that every thing is okay,
That rihanna is not too terribly harmed && recover && be ok,
And that chris is sincere about his apoligy and that God's grace and mercy is upon the both of them.

People all on this story more than the true sad news about starving babies, poor homeless children, the families dying and losing their homes to fire.

This upsets me.

I know they are celebrities and everything
but they do need their privacy and time to heal

I mean if your mom were beat by her boyfriend-
how would you feel if it was story about false accusations everytime you turned on the tv, or went online.

come on people

things like this happens in real life.
But this is too extreme.
Let God take care of the situation
&& sweep around your(media's) own front door!!


Dear Bossip.Com:
you use to be my favorite site to read posts on, now im disappointed at how badly you've falling into this sick category...

THEYBF: my new favorite
theend...i've vented
&&lve briit.take it or leave it.


  1. omg i sooo agree with you girl! All i hear around my school is about that darn fight and they all have different versions it's like gosh let them be!!!

  2. ♥ YBF.

    And yeah, I had to vent on my blog the other day, too. Like damn everyone.. can we give it a rest until all the real details come to light?

  3. I agree, everyone wants to believe the media. Idk what happened and no one else does, if he did hit her than yeah that's wrong, but no one really knows. People seem to be taking this too far

  4. I can't wait for this whole thing to be cleared up cause I'm so nosy!!! lol

  5. yeah im tired of this shit
    all the rumors && maybes && yadayada
    like i wish they PERSONALLY [not spokes people or representatives] would like go on oprah or tv or smthn && make like a REAL official statement about wat happened

  6. AMEN.
    finally someone has said it.
    stop the speculation.
    they're human beings like thr rest of us.