Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Earlier i wrote a post about females that "wonder why they [niggahs] call you bitch"


but it's come to my attention that people call others that without absolutely any motive.
Just to be saying a word
that they think would make someone else mad.

i got called outta my name today.
a stupid bitch to be exact.
by some lame ass niggah
(who's favorite words are "breeh" & "savage breeh" ugh)

For no serious reason at all.

i got to my seat to get my shiit to go to another class and this dumb niggah standing right behind me. He bumps into me. Me being the hot head that i am. i simply say "damn excuse you"
Now i could've been a lot ruder but i felt the need to be as nice as my personality would let me.
For some reason this guy starts an argument, cuss words swap out and out of his mouth comes "stupid bitch" so long story short i end up mushing him in the face && coming extra close reveling my manly strength & "my hidden dragon" breaking a niggahs bones and shiit. lol. (nigga do u know my mama? do you know i fought my big as daddy?)

laughing through out this post
so ...anyway

Now before this occurred....
This same guy had liked my sister (lmao that she never gave him the time of day)
&& in class....oh how's your sister britney?
asking me all random shit about what she be doing.

Now im a stupid bitch just because you took an "bump" too far
it's funny cuz i wasn't even sweating it that hard.
but old dude was obviously fucked up about it.

It's like how weak of a man do you have to be to argue with a female over something that could've been solved over an " oh my bad" or "sorry"

Maybe it's my hot head
or maybe its his insecure ass.

but i for one am not a bitch
nor do i tolerate the calling.
My name is Britney.

So being called a bitch to me is just ignorance
and hilarity because people honestly think that putting emphasis on "B.I.T.C.H" will hurt my feelings. lmfao.
i'm strong in who i am. i know what i am && what im not.
hell i use the word my damn self you really think its gun make me cry that i hear it come out your mouth?

hell naw.

So maybe i was wrong about a bitch being a hoe, or defined by what the late great tupac shakur says in the song. Bcuz apparently im a bitch too.

pure hilarity. =]
Venting session 101: part 1.....let's see what i'll be tomorrow.


  1. man you have more self control than me, dude woulda been dead XXDD

  2. Take it as a compliment, I mean if theres nothing else he can call you, thats mean that you maam have your shit together.

  3. My bestfriend uses the word bitch all the time
    but i dont pay her no mind cause she uses it so much

  4. i HATE when these damn hoodrats throw the B word around like money. Callin themselves a bitch and stuff like that, it really irks me. And like Mina said...with me dude would've been got if he tried me!!