Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Milk Makes You Thick?

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i'm sure we've all heard of the saying

"milk does the body good"
To be blunt about the situation, i disagree.
I have a small bust.
Friends && some fam told me to try drinking milk.
Said that it & arm exercise would help promote growth.

Now im not saying i was expecting to just miraculously jump sizes or nothing like that.
But uuuugggggggggggggggggghhhhhh.

the opposite of what i wanted happend........

it seems i'm getting thicker.
My waist,
my tummy,
my hips,
everything besides my breasts are growing.

Now it is absoultely nothing wrong about being thick
But im only 5'1 and me gaining weight is easily noticed.

I'm still a proud member of the ittybittytittycommittee.
&& guess it's back to juice && soda fah lil ole me.


Sunday, February 22, 2009 ii Remiiniisce

cute vid =]

had never seen this one.....
but i like it
gud look kanye....
mad me laugh
instead of question ur sanity....
oohh shyt omit that last comment... i still love you kanye (homo/straight, crazy/sane...mauhmuhamuhah)

Quote of the day

"You can have my heart or we can share it like the last slice"

"Best I Ever Had"

damn i love this dude...every song is so like uuaaghhgh i just wanna be in his life!! lol.

but all these years watching Degrassi i woulda never thought who'd lil jimmy would have become.

Big ups 2 his prosperity.

&& a special thanks to the 2 bloggers who's page this was on cuz i had never heard it before i was on my daily "so love to blogger" mood. sssoooo thanks for making my day! & making me fall in love wit yet another drizzy song!! =]

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Why not take all of me?

"take my lips,
i want to lose them.

take my arms,
i'll never use them.

Your goodbye,
Left me with eyes...that cry.

How can i,
Go on without you.

You took the part,
That once was my HEART,
so why not take all me!"

-Billie Holiday


I found her a few months ago. but this damn girl can sing!

Kierra Thibodeaux

only 30 secs. but gud shiit

&& she's versatile!

Hunnie got the body of a model && the voice of an angel! i hope she goes far....or gets some where!!!!
(damnit i gota get a camera && put a damn vid on youtube...shit i can sing too) lol

Best thing about it she's only 17!

go show the girl love:
Isn't Feb. suppose to be the love month?

Why does it seem like relationships aren't working out
&& more and more ppl are:

losing love && hope
geting fed up
bullshitn on each other
doing wrong
not being real with each other

...and simply losing the essence of LOVE
wtf is going on??

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&&love,victim of my society

Quote of the Day

"....You played the game, rolled the dice, got what you wanted, im out your life"
-Brittany Street "Hello Hollywood"
"Right now u want to wild out
have your fun
but when u lonely u hit me up
love is not something that switches on and off like a light
u love me 24/7
or not at all"

- "Miind of ---->Fresh Princess"

So i was on a blogger's page on support status as usual showing love.
&& i ran across this post "How Could She be so Heartless"
i start reading
this was the exact same shit im going through.
&& to make it even more ironic i just posted a poem about how i was feeling too!
i love bloggers.


Your words "i love you" mean nothing to me
Your lies are void in my eyes, see-
Through my eyes i now see,
Someone i gave my heart to endlessly
but not even a phone call after unto you i gave my ever essence body
or in your eyes
"i gave up the booty"

hah- but you love me?

I bet you say that to every girl underneath you
thinking it'll satisfy my heart- but i see right through you
Feelings so far from the truth
I don't know whether to believe in being piece of your pussy
or being in love with you

Can't cry because i knew the type of guy you were when i met you
Fam told me you were no good but fuck it- i wanted you
Damn i should've listened
Now im sitting here looking dumb
Believing in fairly tales
thinking you could've been the one
But now i stuck with this emptiness
but i wont be your fool no more.

Love eradicated + your tired ass lies = Heartless && now im done

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I love the beatfreaks!

i had to do it

they killed it on ABDC tonight

they all dope dancers.

but right now im eyeing BEATFREAKS as the winners.

(hard season)


New Hottness

HELLO HOLLYWOOD - Brittany Street

SO i was on a bloggers page

&& i glanced on a link that said Brittany Street

I had a best friend in elementary school named brittany street
so i had to click on it.

turns out its this great new artist
She's dope

& the resemblances to my old friend is crazy weird yo!!

they look like damn twins...&& britt street (my old friend) could sing too???
separated at birth?

<---brittany from elementary <----brittany the artist

Friggn weird shit huh?

Long story offically of a fan!

She's the new hottness. Bumping that shiit on my playlist as of now.

check this chick out.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

i love her

ms. labelle definetely does her thing with the vocals

under the weather && all.

when i fell in love

Go check out more of her beautiful gift:

Her style && swagg real cute. she may not of won american idol went she went. but she def got a fan in me!

love her!!

&& she's a blogger too!!!


Earlier i wrote a post about females that "wonder why they [niggahs] call you bitch"


but it's come to my attention that people call others that without absolutely any motive.
Just to be saying a word
that they think would make someone else mad.

i got called outta my name today.
a stupid bitch to be exact.
by some lame ass niggah
(who's favorite words are "breeh" & "savage breeh" ugh)

For no serious reason at all.

i got to my seat to get my shiit to go to another class and this dumb niggah standing right behind me. He bumps into me. Me being the hot head that i am. i simply say "damn excuse you"
Now i could've been a lot ruder but i felt the need to be as nice as my personality would let me.
For some reason this guy starts an argument, cuss words swap out and out of his mouth comes "stupid bitch" so long story short i end up mushing him in the face && coming extra close reveling my manly strength & "my hidden dragon" breaking a niggahs bones and shiit. lol. (nigga do u know my mama? do you know i fought my big as daddy?)

laughing through out this post
so ...anyway

Now before this occurred....
This same guy had liked my sister (lmao that she never gave him the time of day)
&& in class....oh how's your sister britney?
asking me all random shit about what she be doing.

Now im a stupid bitch just because you took an "bump" too far
it's funny cuz i wasn't even sweating it that hard.
but old dude was obviously fucked up about it.

It's like how weak of a man do you have to be to argue with a female over something that could've been solved over an " oh my bad" or "sorry"

Maybe it's my hot head
or maybe its his insecure ass.

but i for one am not a bitch
nor do i tolerate the calling.
My name is Britney.

So being called a bitch to me is just ignorance
and hilarity because people honestly think that putting emphasis on "B.I.T.C.H" will hurt my feelings. lmfao.
i'm strong in who i am. i know what i am && what im not.
hell i use the word my damn self you really think its gun make me cry that i hear it come out your mouth?

hell naw.

So maybe i was wrong about a bitch being a hoe, or defined by what the late great tupac shakur says in the song. Bcuz apparently im a bitch too.

pure hilarity. =]
Venting session 101: part 1.....let's see what i'll be tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Long Distance???

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Me && my boyfriend are going ROUND 2 in this relationship thing.
Round 1 didn't work out (apparently) because we weren't seeing each other that much
&& bcuz of sum other bullshiit.

But for sum odd reason i believe we may last longer this time
(longer than the previous 5 mths)

&& because im in school
I don't get to see him other than the weekends
...and that's if my transportation right.

&& it's kinda bothering me...

is this a dumb reason to doubt the realtionship?
&& what cud i do to help us through the 5 weekdays we're not together....
i love my baby and i don't want things to end like they did last time.
He tells me that it won't
But im still the introvert that wants to know what can i do to make ten times better....
i stay in my head with what if's.
im not worried or insecure about us.
i just dont' want it to get dull.

A lil' advice...por favor?????

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Sunday, February 15, 2009


Dang, can't the PPL in the issue SPEAK!
no one wants to wait for the trial or for actual statements to come out
everone wants to assume they know what happend!

PLEASE NOTE: the frustration in this post is forwarded to the ignorant, insensitive MEDIA....NOT MY FELLOW BLOGGERS!!! official details and statements about what actually happend to CHRIS && RIHANNA are avalible and to be honest i am sick of ppl saying they know what happened.
When in reality we dont!

blame chris
Claim RihRih gave him Herpes
Claim rihanna started it
Claim it was over a text
Cheated on each other
Chris supposedly wanted to kill her


The only thing we actually know are the sympathy and agony going on between the families.
And the statement chris just came out with.
Truth hasn't came out yet.
Im sick of the media updating their post about it everyday like they were there.
when in all actuality until the fact come out no one will be exact && the updates just gun' keep cumin.

Why criticize and focus on who's saying what.
Instead of praying that every thing is okay,
That rihanna is not too terribly harmed && recover && be ok,
And that chris is sincere about his apoligy and that God's grace and mercy is upon the both of them.

People all on this story more than the true sad news about starving babies, poor homeless children, the families dying and losing their homes to fire.

This upsets me.

I know they are celebrities and everything
but they do need their privacy and time to heal

I mean if your mom were beat by her boyfriend-
how would you feel if it was story about false accusations everytime you turned on the tv, or went online.

come on people

things like this happens in real life.
But this is too extreme.
Let God take care of the situation
&& sweep around your(media's) own front door!!


Dear Bossip.Com:
you use to be my favorite site to read posts on, now im disappointed at how badly you've falling into this sick category...

THEYBF: my new favorite
theend...i've vented
&&lve briit.take it or leave it.

Mah new shiit!

Pleasure P: Boyfriend #2-
The man is def doing his thing on his own now.
Ladies...we can relate to this one.....

=, / *tears

I just finished watching SEVEN POUNDS for the first time
&& my eyes soo are soaking wet and puffy!

If u havent seen this yet.
Definitely a tear jerker
GREAT MOVIE to watch

(excuse me while i reach for tissue)



Allen Iverson Finally CUT dat dang on hair!!!!

IDK if im late on this or not.
I just got excited wen i saw this!
[[bout friggin time]]


Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Black History Month

I felt the need to post another black history month lil thing up again

[[hey we only get 28 out 365...y the heck not]]

so here's my lil quote again in case you missed it the first time...

"May we embrace this celebrated season of glory for the people of our history. A month dedicated to the hardship, the love, the effort and the accomplishments of our people. Black Americans continue to remember our breakthroughs our, success, our dreams, and our month. Love yourself, love each other && others. "-Britney Hughes

Friday the friggn 13th

I had my whole damn day planned out.

go to school with my new kicks on...

go to Durham to see the boyfriend...
and watch a movie

Spend the night with the bestiie


my shoes were on point... but the skinny jeans i brought were the wrong purple && didn't exactly match...&&my black shirt was too small && i lost my big gold earrings

My ride to Durham changed their mind

my older sister runs her mouth...we get into it at each other's throats like damn niggas on the streets && my black ass can't go now where

my bestiie ended up cuming down here to spend the nite with my cuzins

&& im completely pissd off that today was as shitty of day as it has been

Im just hoping i see my baby tomorrow for vday.


officially pissed...definitely not good friday

&&love briit

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

i miss this chick

"What defines a friend, the meaning. Where does it lye In the mind, in the money, in the face, in the eyes. In the days, in the nights, well what is a friend. Do you love it and leave it again and again. So now our story begins of two little friendsYou would have thought they were twins. Would have thought they were kiddin. Wouldnt think they can bend. Because all the time they would spend. For each other they would fend. For they friends to the end. Their mothers know mothers. Sisters know brothers. Mothers know fathers. Sons know they daughters. They blood thicka then water. If one had fifty cents theyd both have a quarter. That only makes sense, adjusting levels and all. They grew up together from pre-k to high school. Winters in the snow, summers in the pool. Hes and athlete, shes an actress. But hormones would lead them."

Forever - Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes

she spoke truth and inspiration instead of money, niggas, sex, and how bad of a bitch she was. We need more female rappers like her. Not tryna knock the fem rappers out now. But it would be nice to hear this kind of stuff again.

YOU are TRUELY missed Lisa "left eye" Lopez

i dont know if it is because her and my sister look so much alike...but i happen to love this chick RIP lisa

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

[[ boRed ]]


Full of surprises. One little body. Quiet, yet full of things so enticing. Thoughts incredible. Soul, and Beauty Unforgetable. Get to know the real me. The NEW britney.
Older...Wiser...Better....Now that we're not together.I miss what we had. Letting go. Loving me. THANKS. i will always love the you i use to know.


My only weakness is YOU (and he and him)

i HAVE mixed feelings about a few guys in my life right now.

Ironically enough i've been with all three guys previously && neither ended well at all.

Is it worth a second try for either of them?

guy 1... =] i use to go with about a year ago. i'm on the verge of saying yes (to a relationship) and following that road again. it's worth a shot i guess && i still love him a lot. He makes me smile. && im totally comfortable with who i am around him. (&& i enjoyed the little time we spent tagether over the weekend)

guy 2... =/ and my best friend are really close. i still love him too. but he simply talks to too many chicks for me. i mean he "claims" to put me in another "category" but who's to say that's true? I know he's sincere about loving me too, but i don't wanna be lost like i was the first time we were together. But i love the way he makes me feel.

guy 3... =[ i can't seem to believe anything that comes out his mouth. firstly he second hands messages to me but wen people relay the messages it's like "aawwwhh- bullshit". He may have love for me, but it's no doubt about it that he's gonna keep fucking the girl he cheated on my with/still fucks/gonna keep's truely a waste of energy. He can sweet talk me. && that's my big problem. i'm in love with our memories && feelings.

im not interested in any new guys.
Simply because im still stuck on these 3 :[
sooooo. =]............=/..............or......=[
idk honestly.
p.s. i believe me && guy 1 are suppose to be a lot more serious than any of them ((that's why he's number one)) little advice "?por favor?"
kinda stuck here...
it's so hard for me to pick and choose without thinking whether or not i made the right decision...

Wonda Why They Call You Bitch?

"keep yah head up
legs closed
eyes open
either a nigga wear a rubber
or we die smoking
i'm hearing rumors
so you need to switch
&& niggas wouldn't call you bitch...i bet yah"

tupac - wonder why they called you bitch - Tupac

why does some females give the ussy up to any and everybody...but get so offended when a nigga calls her a bitch?

i see a lot of females in my school these days that really need to open their eyes.
This song got to me whenever i listened to it.
My older (boy) cousins use to give me advice && tell me something similar to this song && how to avoid being looked at like "the bitch type".
You really gotta look out for yaself && ya body instead of tryna be loved/sexed/liked by a boy.
You might be thinking you doing one thing.
But behind yah back niggas calling you out yah name because you done let him && his homies hit.
I truely miss Tupac and his messages.
Somebody needs to let these young people know.........

just my thought of the day
&& love briit.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A good Day

Yesterday was one of the best days that i've had in a looonnnggg time.
[[wink my old/renewed buddy]]
&& a lil reviving of an old flame. lol. i hope all goes well this go round [[lots kisses&groping...cuz no one has to know but u me && my bestiie (insider joke) ]]

Speaking of....
Fun wiit the bestie!
This chick is my heart, my everything, "partner in crime", aka my main biish. ily kookie.

&& my cuzin snag

Friday, February 6, 2009

Etta to Bey.

Etta to Bey: updated by Bossip

if anyone cares.

Etta is on that “juice” now. Now she’s saying that her plans to whoop Beyonce’s @ss for singing her song was just apart of her comedy routine:

Singer Etta James says she was only trying to get a laugh when she said she “can’t stand” Beyoncé and made fun of President Obama’s ears during a concert in Seattle.
James told the Daily News Thursday she meant no harm when she poked fun at the President and ripped Beyoncé for her performance of James’ hit “At Last” during the inauguration.
“I didn’t really mean anything,” James said. “Even as a little child, I’ve always had that
comedian kind of attitude. … That’s probably what went into it.”
Still, James acknowledged being miffed she wasn’t invited to perform her signature song for Obama’s first dance with his wife on inauguration night.
James said she was “feeling left out of something that was basically mine, that I had done every time you look around.”
She said she liked Beyoncé’s performance, but when asked if she thought she could have done better, James answered, “I think so. That’s a shame to say that.”
James made the controversial comments before performing the song at a concert in Seattle last week. She began by saying of Obama, “You know your President, right? You know the one with the big ears?”
She went on to say about Beyoncé, “I tell you that woman he had singing for him, singing my song, she gonna get her ass whupped.”
James said Thursday she kept the insults rolling only because the crowd was laughing so hard, a reaction that can be heard on a recording.
“Nobody was getting mad at me in Seattle,” she said. “They were all laughing, and it was funny.”
She said the jokes were “not from a vicious place.”
James pointed out that she posed for a picture and spoke with Beyoncé last year before the premiere of “Cadillac Records,” in which the young singer portrays the 71-year-old legend.
As for Obama, James said she “always thought he was handsome and he was cool.”
“I still had my joke about him,” she said. “That might be horrible. The President might not ever like me in life.”
She questioned how upset Obama could possibly be about the barb: “He’s got other stuff [to worry about] besides Etta James.”

okay now that makes more sense. But it's still ridiculousness. smh.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Etta James "i can't stand beyonce"

Etta James is pissed that Beyonce sung her "At Last" song for the first dance at Obama's Inauguration. Not that i wouldn't even be mad at her myself.
Say's "she gone get her ass whipped"
Etta don't play.
Word is that Bey was crying her eyes out after the audio.....
Go here to listen the audio: click here -----> Etta James: "i can't stand beyonce"

courtesy of Bossip

A Fan's point of view!!!!!

courtesy of YOUTUBE (it's Africanoboi!!!)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

untitled: but kinder'd feel it... 2/4/09

It seems like the same ole story. but it's not. i just realize it wasn't love.....that i just loved the memories and the fun times he gave me. maybe that's why my poems are based on him instead of reality.

I happen to love you

As the days grow.
I move slow.
So slowly away from the glistening memories that are just dying to come back to the part of my brain that use to have your pictures all around it.
No, I can't go back.
I'd be a fool.
I was obviously someone you didn't want.
You had your chance.
It didn't work out...i mean your an ex for a reason. right?
Why can't i go a day without thinking what if?
Why do i keep writing poems about how half-way over you i am.
I mean how completely over you i am.
Still in love with you---nah stratch that in love with the memories we made?
Damn, am i a fool?

.............That just happens to love you

so yeah i completely know it doesn't rhyme...but sometimes you just gotta post stuff before you forget the objective and lose the moment. OH WELL...maybe i'll update it later.


"All the single ladies...hallejuah??"

hhhhmmm. the laughter starts after the 2:30 mark. Is she serious?


kinda reminded me of the retarted way i acted my first time being too drunk and too high (if such a thing)...truely fucked up ([[damn graduation night]] one of the reason's weed is not for me...i refuse to give up alcohol)

lls that a lil kid felt a lil high. children are adorable...arent they?

"i feel this real life?....why is this happening to me?.....i have two fingers...wait....lls yo"

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

&& i will always love you

"i can never let of the past

Can't seem to get over, that it didn't last

Can forgive the things you've done

I'm not mad.

I am completely over you.

Even though i hate the things you do

I'll always love you."
not in the way....just simply love you


that's it....a little something off my chest.
Sometimes you wish things went differently but you can never erase what's already said and done.
I don't want him back. I just hate being mad. I'm cool. Next time i see you I'll probably speak to you and her...

the end

deepsidelineshiit...that only i'd get.

hearts Pictures, Images and Photos

Quote: 2/3/09

"Don't fall for someone, unless they're willing to catch you"

Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Black History Month

"May we embrace this celebrated season of glory for the people of our history. A month dedicated to the hardship, the love, the effort and the accomplishments of our people. Black Americans continue to remember our breakthroughs our, success, our dreams, and our month. Love yourself, love each other && others. "

-Britney Hughes

Making the Band season 4 previews

MTB4 Season 4 Trailers
Can't wait!!!!!

Testimony: Vol.2 love && politics

Def will be gettn dat album when it hits da shelves!