Wednesday, January 7, 2009

&&+ When i ACTUALLY started to like her

As if her show didn't make me not like her as a person enough this definitely did the trick.

dag keyshia.

let it go. he didn't marry you hun. no need to be all sour about it.

i just really don't like her now. love her show though. fam's straight crazy.

&& the interview that set my mind to not appreciate her songs [that all sound the same] she was so rude. && had no energy. && totally sounded like she didn't give a damn about being there. appreciate the fans boo. give a damn. but the dj was straight kinda rude too. idk yall

&& can't sing no more. same boring sound.
damn wtf happend.

okay you guys. imma stop hating [she making hella money tho] because i know there are keyshia fans out there that probably want to cuss me out. But that really might just be her personality or she cuda just had a bad cranky day. but hey. i've gotta opinion too right? TELL ME WHAT'S YOURS?


  1. Keyshia put on for the Bay in a major way. Thats all im worried about. I dig her music. Not into her show like that.

  2. In that interview she did sound like she didn't want to be there and the guy put it out there ...I needed this it was funny