Tuesday, January 20, 2009


So i eat alot.
A few friends of mine and i had a discussion of the foods we ate and i got the impression they thought what i ate was a lil weird. Or out the ordinary. So i start to realize not everyone eats like lil country me. Family, (sisters and cousins) and their boyfriends, turn they're eyebrows up too when we have a similiar discussion. So here's a small list of foods that came up in the conversations.
Is it weird to you guys?

  • Banana Sandwich (banana, mayonaisse, pepper, bread)

  • Oatmeal Sandwich (oatmeal and bread)

  • Rice sandwich (rice and bread)

  • Chicken in Ranch and Honey

  • Ramon Oodles of Noodles with tuna

  • I hate hot sauce and i hate mustard and any pie other thatn sweet potato

  • Sugar Koolaid (a cup of plain sugar and a pack of koolaid---homemade candy)

  • Hog Jowls and Fat Back
    I really don't think it's any thing wrong with my southern snacks? whatabout yall? && i wuna know what type of out the ordinary foods do yall eat?


  1. Rice and bread? Carbs galore!
    I aint never heard of the stuff you eat. Lol.
    cept the chicken, ranch and honey. I eat that.
    cept i dont eat ranch AND honey.
    I love ranch though

    Fluffer nutter sammich - PB & marshmallow fluff
    ritz crackers and chocolate pudding.

  2. Sugar Koolaid.. Yeah.. I definitely used to do that when I was younger..