Friday, January 16, 2009


so some random person walks up to you.
"Hey hunnie! you don got so big!"
" I remember when you was a lil bitty somem!"

but you have absolutely no idea who they are.

the rude thing to do is say "do i know you?"
which would be the comment that i threw up out my mouth to an oldery lady who snuck up behind me and screamed in my ear.

I probably should have played along,
"yeah! good to see you too! i gotta tell mama i saw you! Make sure you tell everyone i said hi!"
........that's what should have came out my mouth

damn. But seriously i never saw that lady a day in my life. and i was in a city i rarely went to and i have no family up there either. so this situation just caught me off guard. i didn't mean to be rude to the lady like that. But you should probably make sure the person you run up to hug on is actually someone you know!


so my question is, what would you have done? Or have you done this to somebody else before?

that was my laugh for the day.
thought i would share it.

&& love britt


  1. I'd definitely want to ask "Do I know you?!?!"

    I'd be so confused though I don't know how I'd react right then in the moment.. that's weeeeiiirrrd.

  2. lmao.
    this is the worst question to ask me.
    cuz' i;m STRAIGHT rude.
    i always ask "do i know you?"
    and if the person is wise...they'll explain themselves.


  3. I don't fault you girl . lol I would have reacted the same way. I mean she might have been a little old and senile lol but still, you can't be walking up to random people. What if you was crazy!? lol
    (I'm not saying you are, but you get my point!)

  4. naw u were right for that! i woulda done the same thing!