Monday, January 26, 2009

A small paRt of mE

wants to lay beside you
hates to love you
crys to hold you
longs to hate you

careless to others
no one compares
unlike none other
though still i cry tears

my point exactly
do me so fucking wrong
i hate that it's killing me
hate the love that i long

its hard to comprehend
that i love and hate you, both
though i so badly want to
but too confused to let go

come back easily
easily let you back in
"in back you let easily"
same shit backwards again

try it over, and over
never seems to work out
a 24 hour job
that you never clocked in for, in unless i put out

letting go never hurt so good
im tired of being in love foolishly
but foolishly i realize
i'm letting go a small part of me

&&love, briit


  1. I liked that.
    Very relatable!
    Nice Job!


  2. glad u enjoyed it. i feel like that 24-7 && so i figured there must be somebody out there feeling the same way. thanks fah the love.