Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Quick Question

Is it wrong to not want to love anybody?
Not like fam or friends.
Companion wise.
I'm quite selfish when it comes to my heart.
I dont like to share it.
Especially with someone capable of mistreating it.
I don't even wanna give anybody a try.
AM i totally out of line?
Or is this just a phase that i will overcome.
I feel like im in grad school with the "males" in my lil small town. All they do is play around.
But is it worst that i feel like a preschooler like "eewwwww boys!.....(cooties!)" [no homo]
idddds buuggggggggnnnn me ooouuuttt yoo!


  1. i think we should all love even when the ones we love dont return such - it keeps us young at heart and allows us to smile

  2. no , keep that frame of mind , seriously. Its so much better than being in love with someone who doesnt love you and that whole "mistreated" thing you mentioned = /