Sunday, January 11, 2009

oh why?

i can never seem to let go of feelings that i have for two bullshitty ass niggas. One in which i couldn't stand once opon a time. He had three strikes [not even gunna get all into that]. But continues to fuck wit a no gud female. my fault, no doubt. but something is holding me on to him. but honestly i cant stand the fucker. The other, i truely thought was a winner. We fought ALOT but the good times outweighed the bad. I still love him [both, but this one more]. He acts like he still wants me. But i get the feeling it's a pity party because ole dude gotta a gf but aint entirely happy. [[which he knows im where it's at]] but won't get the balls to forgive (the bullshit i did) and take me back. Im totally at the phase now where i dont want nobody in my life besides fam. But these two i can never get out of my mind. Im too young to be in love with these hoodlums. at least that's what i tell myself. im just stuck. and it grosses me out. i hate love [sometimes]. Besides God's love, i feel like i don't need it: meaning dont need false accusation, lies, 2 hour affection then 2 day isolation, neediness, anger, jealousy, flat out not giving a damn, or a broken heart. Definitely need an answer. Some advice PUUHHLLEEZZ.

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  1. ahh LOVE!!
    i hate it too.

    Gods love is the only love that can fufill you and NEVER EVER LEAVE U!