Friday, January 16, 2009

Laugh for the day

smh. at kids these days.


  1. rotf !!!! girl !!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahhahah

    wtf is wrong with him? lol

  2. hahahahaha.
    awwww man.
    the first one is crazy as hell.
    i found this shit over the summer and i STILL laugh each time.
    "You had that heifa sleepin in my bed when I was in CaliFORNIA!?"

  3. OOOMMG, one of my students showed me this a month back... it's so crazy, what the hech is he doing...?? It's funny but real sad that he is acting all kinds of crazy..makes you think where he drew that from.

    (my girls in my office reenact the part where he sounds like he is talking in tongues.. heh

  4. lmao!! he hasnt changed one bit from movie to movie.