Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dumb Down?

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Im a very affectionate girly girl.
But i was wondering if guys like it when a girl is very educated and what not.
But when it's just the two of you she gives that "innocent, lovely, i'd do anthing for my man, ride or die" role?
I mean like when i was young and naive (lol) i use to let the guy BE the man. ya know.
Like if something needed to be handled i was there or was ready to hop in a car ande ride with him, and just be down for whatever. I would let him feel like he was the only thing important to me. && let him where the pants and run shiit. But i felt like i was dumbing myself down, (expectally when i was high). [[[See (ima beginner, i really don't know how to handle my high yet, im too busy trying make tricks with my smoke and take shotguns to realize im making a fool of myself) reason why smoking just isn't for me]]] anway i would play like the little girl, lay in his arms, look all innocent and baby like. Then i wonder if that isn't attractive. I didn't do it all the time i would be assertive sometimes. But the type of personality i have i like to please a guy by doing small things to make him fell more of a man. But my sisters are more of the aggresive type that talk to they guys anyway and know boss the relationship && it seems guys like that. But im not experienced with relationships enough to know whether they like what i do or not. So LADIES and FELLAS. help me out. save me a little time. give me some wisdom on the whole "dizty type girl" thing.

i really just wuna know if i was doing something dumb back then
or if it is semi sexy sometimes [shud i do it ery now&&then]

any comments??????
honest opinion wanted.....


  1. I think some guys like this but only because they feel less manly and need a girl to make them feel good about themselves...stay AWAY from those! lol I hate dudes like that :( its just not attractive lol

  2. yeh. that crossed my mind a lot. bunch of needy jerks. lol. thanks