Wednesday, January 21, 2009

does anyone know?

Is it really a movie about Aaliyah coming out? I love and miss my idol so much. I can't wait till it comes out next year. As far as i know [the only thing i know] is that Keisha Chante (uk singer) is suppose to play Aaliyah. They look a lot alike. Im just hype from the thought. But can somebody please CONFIRM to me that this is not just a rumor or sumem or does anybody know anything else about the movie? i really wuna know. && im too lazy to google it. does anybody know the title of the biopic or other actors in it? Just a lil something on my mind.......


  1. I;ve been hearing about it for years, who knows! lol

  2. Hmmm I never heard of it coming out but that sounds hot! i wanna know more info also


  3. Not sure but that would be awesome

  4. NO official date yet but definitely this year... I heard 3rd or 4th quarter