Saturday, January 17, 2009

BACK to the future

random boredom had me thinking about fashion nowadays and how it keeps repeating itself. ssooo i came up wit a lil corny poem to make you smile. OLD SCHOOL, NEW SCHOOL, same education.

and it went a lil somem like dizz.....

The new skinny jeans
are not that new
I remember pictures of my mom
in straight legs too!

Colorful outfits,
so in right now.
Looks like we stole from the 80's
and brought it back with style

Black is still the "New Black"
That will never change.
Neither will "way too high heels"
aka platform boots that hurt our feet at the end of the day

We still rock addias
Some of us at least
Still dreaming to make it big
Still sampling beats

Still hip throwing and pop locking,
Still electric sliding and roboting,
Still doing the hanky panky
though mom called it rotten

It's like we rewind
and inspire from back in the day
we go back in time
and style it our "2009" way

Memories inspire each generation
So the cycle goes on
But who knows what America will look like
when 2024 comes along!


  1. I'm lovin the poem ;)

    My mom is always telling me about how she does'nt need to buy new clothes cause everything out she already has lol

  2. I love your poem, Britickers!