Saturday, January 31, 2009


"For i know the thoughts that i think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you an expected end"

Jeremiah 29:11

Hang on Nichole, i love you. Keep your faith.

Preggers of oh.nine

after i found out m.i.a had a bun in the oven

I had to do a little more research on celeb pregnacys:

SO sources say beautiful celeb mothers to be:
Jaime Foxworth
Jill Scott
Erykah Badu
Kelis (and Nas)
Kimora Lee
Janet Jackson (if-y about that one)
Kim (p.diddy) (if-y about that one too)

Alleged but only rumored (not pregnant)
Mariah Carey
Michelle Obama
Mya Harrison
Tiny (and t.i. again)

**** New News Feb. 2nd: Erykah Badu gave birth to a beautiful baby girl! Congrats


am i the ONLY one who didn't know M.I.A was pregnant??????

aaaaaaaaawwwwhhhhhhhh =]


So i finally figured out how to do a header for my site. That purdy much put a smile on my face.
Yyyyaaayyy. it's a start i guess.

i also felt the need to be a little random..............
&& lovebriit

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm all late

I finna watch the ENTIRELY TOO HYPED UP big [notorious] movie
i knda got tired of the bullsht drama wit it.
so if you late like me....gun && check it out
u know u wuna. lol.

New semester.

Today was a better day for me.
i started a few new classes.
Feeling better about life, as i know it.
Keeping prayer in it.
Being thankful for a brighter day.
And the smile that graces my face, is because of Him.
Joy, peace, love, and happiness.


[small post. jan 29 09]

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

January 28th: [[Incarceration vs. First day of School]]

I cryed my eyes out today.
My 6 year old nephew started his first day of school today.
It was perfect.
When i dropped him off, he had a smile on his face that didn't leave.
When i met him at the bus stop to pick him up after school.
He ran to my arms.
The smile still placed in the same spot it was when i left.
He told me about the "amazing" day he had....
about his new friends...and cool things.
But as great of a day as we had both had.
I burst into tears.
Uncontrollable tears.

I couldn't help myself.
Some how through the whole excitement.
I forgot && faild to realize that i wasn't his mother.
It hurt my heart so much.
That my sister.
Wasn't able to see her first born off the school his very first day.
I still feel the pain in my heart.
I can't image what that feels like or what she's going through.
Not that, being in jail for about 2 weeks already and 3 more months to go, wasn't hard enough.
She missed this beautiful day.

In my remorse i sat my niece && nephew down and told them to write their mother a letter about their day. As i did the same, telling her about how great a day her son had.
Still tears in the bottom of my red eyes.

It hurts.

Ironically as im licking the envelope getting ready to mail it
My sister calls.
Conversation started cool.
She's talking to the kids.
Then the phone comes to me.
I tell her "hey i was just writing you, and i made the kids write about their day to"
"Hey Britney, i miss you. i wrote you the other day you should be getting it in the mail"
somehow. i have absolutely no clue how.
We both break down.
On the phone, crackling words out our mouths, trying to hold our composure together.
I couldn't hold it anymore.
She's like my older "twin"
I feel her pain.
She's somewhat my favorite.
she's taking care of me since i came out the womb (along with my other older 3 sisters).
it hurt even more as i said goodbye.

I pray things get better soon.
I love you Nichole
Stay Strong.
Your baby sister (2nd daughter)

A little truth

regarding some [[not all]]. sumem i ran by today. smh at reality of truth these days.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

When To Keep Your Mouth Shut

my mom ran across this list of "when to shut up" when i was like 8 years old. && i went through a couple of old boxes with loves letters school pics and what not && i found it again....thought id share. It's a christian based list that gives bible verses with them as well [[sorry they're not postd but if anyone wants a verse comment && i'll respond.

so remember to not open your mouth:

  • In the heat of anger
  • When you don't have all the facts
  • When you haven't verified the story
  • If your words will be a poor reflection of the Lord or your friends && family
  • When you are tempted to joke about a sin
  • When you are tempted to make light of holy things
  • If you would be ashamed of your words later
  • If you would convey a wrong impression
  • If the issue is none of your business
  • When you are tempted to tell an outright lie
  • If your words will change someone's reputation
  • If your words would destroy a friendship
  • When you are feeling critical
  • If you can't speak without yelling
  • If you can't eat your words later
  • If you've already said it more than one time (it becomes nagging)
  • When you are tempted to flatter a weak person
  • When you are suppose to be working instead

Proverbs 21:23, "Whoso keepth his mouth and his tongue, keepth his soul from trouble."


Something cute i ran across on another blog. smh. but kinda shamed it may be the truth.

Monday, January 26, 2009

A lil' help....plz?

help Pictures, Images and Photos

Ok, i am getn mad frustrated tryna make a header for my page!
i'm very new to the blogging game.
i see all these pretty && outrageous headers with bloggers titles, multiple pics and art work all with the website name on it && shiit!!! The only site i know is photobucket && i cnt seem to do the tricks on it......
i want one!!!!
someone give me a few tips plz........
or at least like a site............

help Pictures, Images and Photos

A small paRt of mE

wants to lay beside you
hates to love you
crys to hold you
longs to hate you

careless to others
no one compares
unlike none other
though still i cry tears

my point exactly
do me so fucking wrong
i hate that it's killing me
hate the love that i long

its hard to comprehend
that i love and hate you, both
though i so badly want to
but too confused to let go

come back easily
easily let you back in
"in back you let easily"
same shit backwards again

try it over, and over
never seems to work out
a 24 hour job
that you never clocked in for, in unless i put out

letting go never hurt so good
im tired of being in love foolishly
but foolishly i realize
i'm letting go a small part of me

&&love, briit

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Quote for the Day

"anything worth doing, is worth doing slowly"

Dumb Down?

mean girls Pictures, Images and Photos

Im a very affectionate girly girl.
But i was wondering if guys like it when a girl is very educated and what not.
But when it's just the two of you she gives that "innocent, lovely, i'd do anthing for my man, ride or die" role?
I mean like when i was young and naive (lol) i use to let the guy BE the man. ya know.
Like if something needed to be handled i was there or was ready to hop in a car ande ride with him, and just be down for whatever. I would let him feel like he was the only thing important to me. && let him where the pants and run shiit. But i felt like i was dumbing myself down, (expectally when i was high). [[[See (ima beginner, i really don't know how to handle my high yet, im too busy trying make tricks with my smoke and take shotguns to realize im making a fool of myself) reason why smoking just isn't for me]]] anway i would play like the little girl, lay in his arms, look all innocent and baby like. Then i wonder if that isn't attractive. I didn't do it all the time i would be assertive sometimes. But the type of personality i have i like to please a guy by doing small things to make him fell more of a man. But my sisters are more of the aggresive type that talk to they guys anyway and know boss the relationship && it seems guys like that. But im not experienced with relationships enough to know whether they like what i do or not. So LADIES and FELLAS. help me out. save me a little time. give me some wisdom on the whole "dizty type girl" thing.

i really just wuna know if i was doing something dumb back then
or if it is semi sexy sometimes [shud i do it ery now&&then]

any comments??????
honest opinion wanted.....

Bad Habits


Darn it, im back to an old bad habit again.
Sry to New Year Resolution (#2)
"No more drinking"
At least i lasted 24 whole good days.
I don't know why it's so difficult. smh
totally not a laughing matter
something im not proud of && definitely
I dont drink beer or anything && to make it worst i only like hard straight liquor.

SO this got me thinking of my other bad habits that have come to the light recently
&& just because i love u sooo much.
i thought id share.

Bad habits of briit
1) Continuing to talk to ex boys that should have never been forgiving
2) Drinking
3) Wanting something new everyday
4) Having to have a bowl of cerel every day
5) Not liking the high at the moment, but pulling anyway
6) Agreeing to talk to someone even though i know i dont like them just to be polite.
7) Being rude
8) Not liking (getting along) with my father or mother
9) Fucking with my hair
10) Trying to please the people in my family when they simply dont care
11) YouTube
12) Cursing
13) Thinking about sex (not a everyday thing..that's why it's at the bottom of the list)
14) Recently: thinking about this old friend i use to have named kellen
15) Not doing school work
16) Not being 100% confident with me unless im in a new outfit and my hair is done (kinda at a 89 today)
17) MySpace (which im growing to hate)
18) Misssing no good niggas
19) semi depression
20) && having nothing to do with my time

Some of them aren't too bad. I'm still staying loyal to my New Year Resolution (#1): 6mth Celibacy. So i think that's better. but im still kinda:

[[sighing]] at how long the list is.
[[smh]] that i just now realized it
[[trying]] to do better

Sadness comes over me as i think about an older post i wrote about a month ago. (<-click link if u care to read) && i can really tell things are changing alot. I

i guess things can only go up from here.

Me && God got some work to do. Hope he's not too disappointed. I'm trying to do the best i can. Just need a little bit of help. {{to my christian readers...say a special prayer for me}}

Sorry so long[&& so colorful]
&& love, Briit

Thursday, January 22, 2009


So......Kanye recently stated this comment about porn:

“I know people will find that as another thing to hate me on, but fuck it,” West said. “I’m open to doing porn. Hell, I’ll even do bisexual scenes - myself, another man and a woman, or just me and two women. I know people will find that as some weird shit, but I am who I am.”
so question marks sparked in my head about Mr. West and his career thoughts. huuumph? what about u guys? this kinda grosses me out!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I wuna see it.

ima huge scaredycat of movies like this but for some reason i just have to go see them when they come out....

&&love briit

does anyone know?

Is it really a movie about Aaliyah coming out? I love and miss my idol so much. I can't wait till it comes out next year. As far as i know [the only thing i know] is that Keisha Chante (uk singer) is suppose to play Aaliyah. They look a lot alike. Im just hype from the thought. But can somebody please CONFIRM to me that this is not just a rumor or sumem or does anybody know anything else about the movie? i really wuna know. && im too lazy to google it. does anybody know the title of the biopic or other actors in it? Just a lil something on my mind.......


Hadn't forgot the chick. Although she didn't win. She stays humble and down to earth. a quick video of her outside the show. Courtesy of click here

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


So i eat alot.
A few friends of mine and i had a discussion of the foods we ate and i got the impression they thought what i ate was a lil weird. Or out the ordinary. So i start to realize not everyone eats like lil country me. Family, (sisters and cousins) and their boyfriends, turn they're eyebrows up too when we have a similiar discussion. So here's a small list of foods that came up in the conversations.
Is it weird to you guys?

  • Banana Sandwich (banana, mayonaisse, pepper, bread)

  • Oatmeal Sandwich (oatmeal and bread)

  • Rice sandwich (rice and bread)

  • Chicken in Ranch and Honey

  • Ramon Oodles of Noodles with tuna

  • I hate hot sauce and i hate mustard and any pie other thatn sweet potato

  • Sugar Koolaid (a cup of plain sugar and a pack of koolaid---homemade candy)

  • Hog Jowls and Fat Back
    I really don't think it's any thing wrong with my southern snacks? whatabout yall? && i wuna know what type of out the ordinary foods do yall eat?


i went to a blog that i officialy love and read this post taught me a couple new things and inspired this post. click on the link "blog" and check it out.......

So anyway im in cosmetology or what not.

&& it's has taught me how to take care of my hair, skin, and overall, me.

A few girly tips that i've read about, learned, and pasted down from grandmothers:

  • Try to not wash your hair every single day. This strips the minerals that your hair needs.
  • When you do wash your hair. Wash it in warm water instead of hot or cold- this reduces tangles and medding. But however a cool rinse (rinsing in cold water) does feel great to the scalp and closes cuticles and pores in the hair and scalp.
  • Brush with a natural brush (the guy soft brushes) before washing.
  • Mask made from honey are excellent to get a glowing skin.
  • Placing toothpaste on a zit overnight will dry out a pimple.
  • Always try to eat healthy, limit fast food (etc.)
  • Using home ingredients like eggs (for protein), mayonaisse, or vinegar depending on the type or condition of your hair will help promote healthy hair.
  • you can also add a small amount of baking soda to your shampoo to increase shine
  • As usual try to clip split ends regularly
  • Keep your hair healthy and clean. aka take care of it.
  • Instead of washing your face every night and day with soap...try just cold water and a cloth to cleanse the skin.
  • Vinegar and water will also clear acne

hope i mentioned something new that you might wanna try!

&&love briit


So......Barack Obama is officially the President of the United States!



It finally SNOWED in little ole Roxboro.

it is so beautiful outside!

and not having to go school today was a plus too.

&& i finally got a chance to get some [much needed] sleep from a long weekend with my niece and nephews.

today is definitely a good day.

Thank God for January 20, 2009

Sunday, January 18, 2009

a few songs.

SO i've feeling a lil emotional lately.

A few of the best songs to cry on or either just sit listen to && reminise on that's definitely on a mix tape && on repeat right now..


Her Heart - Anthony Hamilton

broken promises - q (of day26) & dawn (of danity kane)

roc - beyonce

Shes Gone - Brutha

Saturday, January 17, 2009

BACK to the future

random boredom had me thinking about fashion nowadays and how it keeps repeating itself. ssooo i came up wit a lil corny poem to make you smile. OLD SCHOOL, NEW SCHOOL, same education.

and it went a lil somem like dizz.....

The new skinny jeans
are not that new
I remember pictures of my mom
in straight legs too!

Colorful outfits,
so in right now.
Looks like we stole from the 80's
and brought it back with style

Black is still the "New Black"
That will never change.
Neither will "way too high heels"
aka platform boots that hurt our feet at the end of the day

We still rock addias
Some of us at least
Still dreaming to make it big
Still sampling beats

Still hip throwing and pop locking,
Still electric sliding and roboting,
Still doing the hanky panky
though mom called it rotten

It's like we rewind
and inspire from back in the day
we go back in time
and style it our "2009" way

Memories inspire each generation
So the cycle goes on
But who knows what America will look like
when 2024 comes along!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Laugh for the day

smh. at kids these days.

SO ima poetry feen.

One of the best shows on tv.

kinder funny^^^

Happy Birthday


We all miss this girl right here. I know i do. So wishing Aaliyah Dana Haughton a happy birthday. Rest in peace.
(january 16, 1979-august 25, 2001)

A few videos to keep her in our memories


so some random person walks up to you.
"Hey hunnie! you don got so big!"
" I remember when you was a lil bitty somem!"

but you have absolutely no idea who they are.

the rude thing to do is say "do i know you?"
which would be the comment that i threw up out my mouth to an oldery lady who snuck up behind me and screamed in my ear.

I probably should have played along,
"yeah! good to see you too! i gotta tell mama i saw you! Make sure you tell everyone i said hi!"
........that's what should have came out my mouth

damn. But seriously i never saw that lady a day in my life. and i was in a city i rarely went to and i have no family up there either. so this situation just caught me off guard. i didn't mean to be rude to the lady like that. But you should probably make sure the person you run up to hug on is actually someone you know!


so my question is, what would you have done? Or have you done this to somebody else before?

that was my laugh for the day.
thought i would share it.

&& love britt

Thursday, January 15, 2009

random Wednesday

uuhh. Nothing special happend today.
Yesterday was kinder fun.
Here's some photos.
Of briit's random day

dressed random

random faces

it only seemed right.


{{&&much love to SHAVON (vonnievon) aka da photo buddie}}

boredom after cosmetology class.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Quick Question

Is it wrong to not want to love anybody?
Not like fam or friends.
Companion wise.
I'm quite selfish when it comes to my heart.
I dont like to share it.
Especially with someone capable of mistreating it.
I don't even wanna give anybody a try.
AM i totally out of line?
Or is this just a phase that i will overcome.
I feel like im in grad school with the "males" in my lil small town. All they do is play around.
But is it worst that i feel like a preschooler like "eewwwww boys!.....(cooties!)" [no homo]
idddds buuggggggggnnnn me ooouuuttt yoo!

Monday, January 12, 2009

I guess: She's Back

Remember Ms. " I ain't have no daddy around we i was growing up" ?. The [[thought of]] one hit wonder on Jay Z's label with "make her feel good". Teairra Mari. hiding under the covers has let the cat out the bag with this one. i LOVE idd. The song's on point (tho it sounds a lil like sumem familiar---like a keri hilson song pussycat doll song or sumem) swag's on point and i must admit, chick looks good. I guess she stop hating on Rihanna....(that RihRih blew up on Def Jam in a couple years and her average face made 2 hits and got put to the side) and decided to put ome work in the game.
i likes. but i wanna know what yall think? is she back? or is this just another 1 hit per 2years singles?




The finale was boring like alot of the "reality" shows out nowadays

So unlike i had expected Chance didn't chose Risky!

OR Cali for that matter.

I knew the show was [[fake]]

Real found "true love" (supposedly) in Corn Fed...rather her an irrating ass baybaybay


As for my life

Happy Birthday Adrian "Marcel". I love you with all of my heart

Enjoy dat bornday to the fullest. Forget about the bullsht going on outside Snag's World. lol

Yah Fam loves you!
&&love da baby cuz briit

so anyway

my day was disappointing

&& the day started cold as fuck. i didn't get my facial that i wanted in my cosmetology class. my hair wasn't acting right. ugh.

Final exams for the rest of my classes are next week and i am so unprepared! I have tests and projects to finish uuggghh. definitely slipping on my A game. a big NO NO.

Nothing special has been happening lately "what's up with thaaaaat?"
just thought i shud post a lil sumem.

&&love briit