Monday, December 29, 2008


As much as i hate to admit that i actually like this show. I found a couple clips that i thought i wud share with u guys. && give it a lil time advertisments n the beginning but worth watching.

&& so the only girl in the house that i actually like && think wud be gud for one of the boys gets pissed off once again, by another hoe [that was elimated tonight by the way]. while baybaybay runs her mouth tryna defend Risky [why i have not a clue--->this chick be riding hard] in case you missed it.

&& watch this dumb bitch have a dramatic meltdown after Real cusses her ass out. SMH. [&& laughing at the way Real sounds when he cusses] he shoulda been && kickd her ass out.

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  1. it's funny that they started to bleep out the curse words at the end of the clip. LOL I missed the last episode so this was a good little catch up .
    Bay Bay Bay just likes drama & needs to sit back . &&& MILF smh , no words for her dumb ass .

    Real curses funny