Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Questions for 2008

You don't really have to understand. In fact you can browse past this blog. I just like to ask questions. Dawning on 2008 i realize it can only go up from here. i don' been through it all. && to brighten up 09. i figured i get the complaining and "why's" over with. Happy New Year. Reevaluating mistakes of 08 to make 09 wiser, stronger and better for me.

questions of 08'

1. Why did it seem like life is so imperfect majority of the time?
2. Why did only sexual [attention] affection make me happy?
3. Why did i start drinking [a lot]?
4. Am i now an alcoholic?
5. Why did so many people have to suffer so terribly this year?
6. Why did my father leave wheps, blood, and bruises on me and pretend like it didn't happen?
7. Who'da ever thought our president would be (half) black?
8. Why was sex always on my mind?
9. Why'd i have to FIGHT my father, in order to live with my mother?
10. Why did i cut?
11. Was i really that selfish?
12. Why did i play the victim?
13. Did any of them really love me?
14. Why didn't go home after graduation?
15. Why was i so curious?
16. Will 09 be any better?

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