Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I love him [i think]

i went to see a FRIEND today. but i just wanted to prounce on him like a wild animal hungry for that beautiful piece of prey laying right there in front of it all innocent and unexpecting.

it had been a while, so i kept my cool sorta. the VERY short while i was there. i kept thinking of "what if's" and "shoulda, couldn't, woulda's". Now that im home again. it's even worst.

Why is it that once your out the presence of someone you really like, its hard to say what you feel. But when u with your girls or just at home. It's easier to say, if i was _______ i woulda____&&____. Then you get the wishing you had did-and said, stuff you shoulda said?

daaamn where did my balls go?? Oh well maybe next time. i guess it's a growing process. Hey i'm learning.

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