Friday, December 19, 2008

BIRTHING MY BLOG [missed the conceiving era]

====> yo.

so i was decided to make a blog. duh. but i gotta weird ass. split-ass personality. long story short i have no clue what type of blog or what kinder theme i want this blog to be.

i write songs. bomb ass poems. i bee coming up with off da wall shit. nosey as fuck. && so this shud be interesting.

u might see celebs one day. u might see me cuss about a bitch that need to be fuckd with a sick donkey dick. u might read some of the saddest poems. may read some of the most heart touching stories. i may sing n download it. or just post some random youtube/myspace/photobucket sht.

nevertheless. it will be entertaining. it will be 100% honest and real. 100% raw. and 100% briit. laverne

========> get wit it.
puhlz n thnk you


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