Friday, December 26, 2008


Christmas was GREAT.
santa baby
But im so looking forward to 2009.
I'm growing stronger and wiser every day.
Prepared for the world after graduation.
Ready for my cosmetology career to begin.
I'm surprised and kinda sad at the same time.

i use to reminise a lot about what i use to have and wish this guy would never fall out of love with me.
but shockingly enough i think he has. && scaringly [i think] im okay with that. I even made dislikes out of the girl who would be there for him when i treated him wrong && wasn't there. && shockingly [i think] i have no problems with the girl now in fact i would probably smile and say "HEYGIRL" the next time i see her. not to be fradulent or twofaced but because i know how she feels. i mean love sneaks up on a person and takes over so entirely it can blind you. && have you thinking it's nothing in the world better than this rite now. IM GLAD TO BE OUT OF THAT STAGE. because now i dont have to worry about being brokenhearted or scared. PROS && CONS OF LOVE confused the hell outta me. so i let it go. back to the regularly scheduled program [blog].
But more importantly i am happy with myself.
i've found the true and content britney.
and my life is a lot stress free and more happier.
When i do get the nerve to fall in love again...
i'll make sure i take care of britney's heart and take things seriously, smarter, slower, and the right way.

New Year Resolutions
1) Try to do things that i wouldn't be ashamed to talk to my grandmommy about (meaning no smoking, drinking OR premarital SEX) at least for 6 months(....after the 1st =]....)----until dat bday come around [[[geminibaby]]]
2) NO slip ups in grades!
3) and staying true to britney

kay these may or may not change as it comes closer and closer to Jan 2009 but definitely a least i like to think so.

Happy new year Pictures, Images and Photos

so rockk on, be happy

&& love, brit

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