Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy 200NINE

Whatever it is you DO on this special fuggn occasion.
........Have fun
........Stay Safe
........Scream byeee 2008
.......Ahola 09
.......Barack Obama Time
{{{{kinda cheesy i know but shiit it rhymed}}}

love you guys,
&& love briit.

I love him [i think]

i went to see a FRIEND today. but i just wanted to prounce on him like a wild animal hungry for that beautiful piece of prey laying right there in front of it all innocent and unexpecting.

it had been a while, so i kept my cool sorta. the VERY short while i was there. i kept thinking of "what if's" and "shoulda, couldn't, woulda's". Now that im home again. it's even worst.

Why is it that once your out the presence of someone you really like, its hard to say what you feel. But when u with your girls or just at home. It's easier to say, if i was _______ i woulda____&&____. Then you get the wishing you had did-and said, stuff you shoulda said?

daaamn where did my balls go?? Oh well maybe next time. i guess it's a growing process. Hey i'm learning.

Questions for 2008

You don't really have to understand. In fact you can browse past this blog. I just like to ask questions. Dawning on 2008 i realize it can only go up from here. i don' been through it all. && to brighten up 09. i figured i get the complaining and "why's" over with. Happy New Year. Reevaluating mistakes of 08 to make 09 wiser, stronger and better for me.

questions of 08'

1. Why did it seem like life is so imperfect majority of the time?
2. Why did only sexual [attention] affection make me happy?
3. Why did i start drinking [a lot]?
4. Am i now an alcoholic?
5. Why did so many people have to suffer so terribly this year?
6. Why did my father leave wheps, blood, and bruises on me and pretend like it didn't happen?
7. Who'da ever thought our president would be (half) black?
8. Why was sex always on my mind?
9. Why'd i have to FIGHT my father, in order to live with my mother?
10. Why did i cut?
11. Was i really that selfish?
12. Why did i play the victim?
13. Did any of them really love me?
14. Why didn't go home after graduation?
15. Why was i so curious?
16. Will 09 be any better?

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

HIS HEART: [help me with my poem plz]

so i kinda had this daydream. about a movie i made up in my head. [no im not crazy] but i what to be like a storywriter and write movies n sht like that so neway. in my lil movie. this girl is n bed with her man. But as he's sleeping, she's up laying on his chest and can't sleep. so as i have that vision in my mind i come up with this lil poem. the poem is basically suppose to be about a relationship. && the guy knows that she's been cheating and doing him dirty. And she knows that he knows all about it. Her guilty conscious is having a conversation with his heart. But when his heart finally speaks to her she has to face reality and know that he doesn't love her anymore. but she's getting what she thinks she deserves tenfold because it's hurting her more because she can't forgive herself and would rather break-up than face that reality that she's lost him. It seems like a damn soap-opera n dramatic crazy sht. but i really dont know whether to be proud of it and leave it like it is. or whether it's missing something n nobody knows what the fuck im talking about&& i need to revise it or sumem [so somebody gets it other than me].

enough talk tho...constructive n honest criticism please...

But ne who here it is:


You really make me sick.
You made me fall in love with him and suddenly you leave.
I may have messed around on him.
But i can't believe the way you treat me.

you've turned so cold.

But as i lay next to him listening to you beat out of his chest.
I think to myself.
Why won't you talk to me. Tell me how you feel.
You're suppose to be a part of him. You're suppose to keep it real.
I want you to talk to me.
Or to him at least.
Just sitting there bleeding n torn tryna front like a beast.
I've created a monster.
Heartless bastard towards me.
"That's it he's heartless" ,
Finally you speak.
I know i did you dirty and so fucking wrong.
But I'm sry why do you torture me && still play along.
Why do you still fuck with me, Why not just move on.
I guess it's pointless,
I'm talking to a heart that's gone.
His mouth say's i love you, words he really doesn't mean.
But his heart says "bitch fuck you && leave us be"
His kisses of forgiveness oh so sincere.
I lay next to him crying, now that i know his heart isn't there.

Monday, December 29, 2008


As much as i hate to admit that i actually like this show. I found a couple clips that i thought i wud share with u guys. && give it a lil time advertisments n the beginning but worth watching.

&& so the only girl in the house that i actually like && think wud be gud for one of the boys gets pissed off once again, by another hoe [that was elimated tonight by the way]. while baybaybay runs her mouth tryna defend Risky [why i have not a clue--->this chick be riding hard] in case you missed it.

&& watch this dumb bitch have a dramatic meltdown after Real cusses her ass out. SMH. [&& laughing at the way Real sounds when he cusses] he shoulda been && kickd her ass out.

Another Unfortunate Event: Product of our Sad Society

okay. so im not usually the one to dawn into, or the bearer of bad news. but this is just flat out ridiculous and unbelievable.

I was on my aol && the had something about a FEMALE COLLASPED AND NO ONE CARED. But i wasn't expecting the nonchalant way these people dealt with this situation. I'm sorta late because this happend during the summer sumetime in June. Just plan out not right. maann.

Unfortunate News: Death at Lil' Boosie's House

I'm a little late, but in rather unfortunate news, a 2 year old girl died at Lil Boosie’s home 2 days before Christmas. Her father was backing his car out of the driveway and did not see her, which was the cause of her death. The little girl is not Boosie’s child, but is actually a child from the neighborhood who had come over to play on the trampoline Very sad and unfortunate situation. My heart and prayers goes out to that family.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ciara: Diva [remake of beyonce's version]

&& so okay. even though the outfit and her image nowadays are sooo off && superugly. Her version of Beyonce's diva is not too bad. i guess. what yew think???

Saturday, December 27, 2008

This song reminded me of an old relationship...fell in love with it tho! [click PLAY && check it out]

broken promises - q (of day26) & dawn (of danity kane)

idk whether this is just new to me && old to yall but.......One of the cutest couples out rite now makes a heartbreak song {{?????}} but ths sht's so truely true and yah just can't help but reminise to it [if u && me r nething alike]. Hope u enjoyed it as much as i did. THEY DEFINITELY SHOULD DO MORE SONGS TOGETHER!

Beyonce's 2 new videos.....

Halo......which i liked a lot!

and Diva.....which i thought wasn't so good. The song is so fuggn hot. but the vid. made me SMH a little.

idk my opinion wht yall think?

Friday, December 26, 2008


Christmas was GREAT.
santa baby
But im so looking forward to 2009.
I'm growing stronger and wiser every day.
Prepared for the world after graduation.
Ready for my cosmetology career to begin.
I'm surprised and kinda sad at the same time.

i use to reminise a lot about what i use to have and wish this guy would never fall out of love with me.
but shockingly enough i think he has. && scaringly [i think] im okay with that. I even made dislikes out of the girl who would be there for him when i treated him wrong && wasn't there. && shockingly [i think] i have no problems with the girl now in fact i would probably smile and say "HEYGIRL" the next time i see her. not to be fradulent or twofaced but because i know how she feels. i mean love sneaks up on a person and takes over so entirely it can blind you. && have you thinking it's nothing in the world better than this rite now. IM GLAD TO BE OUT OF THAT STAGE. because now i dont have to worry about being brokenhearted or scared. PROS && CONS OF LOVE confused the hell outta me. so i let it go. back to the regularly scheduled program [blog].
But more importantly i am happy with myself.
i've found the true and content britney.
and my life is a lot stress free and more happier.
When i do get the nerve to fall in love again...
i'll make sure i take care of britney's heart and take things seriously, smarter, slower, and the right way.

New Year Resolutions
1) Try to do things that i wouldn't be ashamed to talk to my grandmommy about (meaning no smoking, drinking OR premarital SEX) at least for 6 months(....after the 1st =]....)----until dat bday come around [[[geminibaby]]]
2) NO slip ups in grades!
3) and staying true to britney

kay these may or may not change as it comes closer and closer to Jan 2009 but definitely a least i like to think so.

Happy new year Pictures, Images and Photos

so rockk on, be happy

&& love, brit

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Have a Very Merry Christmas && a Happy New Year

getty up getty up getty up and away we go! i know its old. && u're probably kinder a lil tired of all the christmas songs. But u gotta admit. it's a hot vid to get yah in da christmas spirit! Happy Holidays to you and yours. May you spend it with laughter and joy. Kisses, bliss, Food, and presents. But most of all family and God's blessings. Jingle Bells, Batman smells, Ho Ho Ho and all that gud shit. happy holidays, love briit

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

&& so i just miss old movies...[do sumum] da 90's rocckd my world ;)

Small clip of Bebe's kids.... gotta love um.

House Party scene

&& you remember this scene!!

The Family that I love so much <3

Its CHRISTMAS time and my family are the people that make my world so perfect. Introducing.......

Photobucket Daddys kinda comfortable!Photobucketwhit Photobucket
PhotobucketPhotobucketmii n mah mah

Short vid of the girl i love the most. MY NIECE.

Monday, December 22, 2008

KANYE WEST: Heartless

Kanye West on iLike - Get updates inside iTunes

ill ass song. even iller video. much love. <3.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

"Fat Bitch?" these lil gurls need ass whoopns. SMH

not remotely funny these lil girls show dey asses off. while some dumb ass recording thinks it funny. SMH. such a mess. somebody need dey ass beat.

&& watch the WHOLE THING! lmfao.


Saturday, December 20, 2008


Today i fell in love. g
But for real this time.
Never anticipated this love.
Never thought love would make me cry.
My life's about to change.
Until the day i die.

Somehow i know this love is here to stay and she's the reason why.
This love is so real.

qMy world's upside down now

Now that she's here.
Now that she's in my life.
Uncovered and reveiled.
Her smell makes me content.
Her skin feels like silk.
I cuddle her in my arms.
As i feed her breast milk.
As i look into her eyes and tell her "mommy loves you"
I fell in love with the baby girl i birthed today.
A love forever and true. g

&& so wtf was THEY THINKING? sume very random ridiculousness and hot ass messes =====>[SMH EDITION]

Friday, December 19, 2008


number 5======> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

number 4======>

number 3 =======>

number 2=====>


&& number 1======>


they're so fuggn cute. who can hate on them.

so hate it or
love it
====> top 5 cutest couples out rite now.